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Harnessing the Power of Critical and Credible Social Influencers in a Company

Harnessing the power of critical and credible social influencers in a company is a powerful tool for driving change and achieving organisational goals. Social influencers are people who have significant influence within an organisation and can use their influence to motivate others to adopt new behaviours and ideas. In this blog, we will explore the importance of social influencers and how organisations can leverage them to drive change. Social influencers can be found at all levels of an organisation, from the CEO to frontline employees. These influencers have credibility and a high level of trust among their peers, making them ideal agents of change. They can be instrumental in promoting new ideas, behaviours, and practices, and creating a culture that supports organisational goals. To harness the power of social influencers, organisations need to identify them and build relationships with them. This involves engaging with influencers, understanding their concerns and motivations, and providing them with the support and resources they need to promote change. One way to engage with social influencers is to involve them in the change process. This can be done by involving them in the design and implementation of new initiatives, giving them a sense of ownership and buy-in. Organisations can also provide training and resources to influencers to help them promote change effectively.

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