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Project Management and Change Management a Symbiotic Relation

Project management and change management are two concepts that are closely interrelated and symbiotic. Both are essential to ensure the success of a project, and they work hand-in-hand to achieve project objectives. In this blog, we will explore the symbiotic relationship between project management and change management. Project management is the process of planning, organizing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals and objectives within a defined time frame. The goal of project management is to deliver a project on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. Change management, on the other hand, is the process of managing the people-side of change. Change management focuses on helping individuals and organizations transition from their current state to a desired future state. At first glance, project management and change management may seem like two separate disciplines. However, they are interconnected, and one cannot be successful without the other. A project is essentially a temporary organization that brings together people, processes, and resources to achieve a specific goal. In the course of the project, there will be changes that need to be made to achieve the project's objectives. Change management helps to manage these changes and ensure that they are effectively communicated, understood, and embraced by stakeholders. The symbiotic relationship between project management and change management can be illustrated by looking at the different phases of a project. In the initiation phase of a project, the project manager identifies the project's objectives, scope, and stakeholders. The project manager must also assess the potential impact of the project on the organization and its stakeholders. This is where change management comes in. Change management helps to assess the potential impact of the project on the people within the organization and develop strategies to manage this impact. In the planning phase, the project manager develops a detailed project plan that outlines the tasks, timelines, and resources required to complete the project. Change management plays a crucial role in this phase by identifying the potential risks and challenges associated with the

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